Men's Guide to Styling Minimal Tees


For the vast majority of men out there, t-shirts are the ultimate wardrobe staple. We agree! They're such a classic, versatile item of clothing and what's best is - they're appropriate for nearly any occasion. To help you out with that, here is the perfect guide for you to style your minimal essentials and wear them a little better. 


Turn it into Smart Casuals 

Throw your favorite minimal tee over some Chinos and pair it with a similar toned Coat for a winning look. This outfit is so easy to put together and a change of shoes can do wonders to the look. We'd recommend loafers for more Business Casual and Sneakers for a chill vibe. 


All Black 

When in doubt, monochrome it. This next style is effortlessly attractive and bound to make you feel the same. Grab your black skinny jeans and throw on your favorite graphic tee with some Chelsea boots to get the look. 

Want to take up a notch? Add a black leather jacket and channel your inner Patrik Swayze. 



Denim on Denim 

This next look is an absolute all-rounder. Be it brunch with the guys, running errands, a date or back to school, this can be an easy go-to. Pair your favorite denim bottoms with a denim shirt. Dark at the bottom and a light top is what we recommend. Break the jean up by wearing your favorite minimal tee under. 

Tip: If you belong to the cooler states, you can swap the denim shirt out for a thick denim jacket and rock this look. 


With your Khaki Shorts 

If you belong to more weather neutral states of the country, this look is for you! Throw on your favorite pair of Khakis and pair them with a similar toned (Lighter) Tee and you're done! Sneakers maintain the low-key vibe of the outfit and Carry a Bomber Jacket for when it gets cold outside.  This also happens to be the winner airport look when you're in for a long day of travel to warmer regions. 



Plaid Bottoms and Loafers 

This look screams Vintage and adds a touch of debonaire to the overworn jeans and tee. These plaid pants are a fresh and a very trendy companion to your minimal tops for the winters. A pair of classic white sneakers and a bomber jacket makes it tres, tres chic!



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